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Proudly independent and appointed with top insurance companies:

American Equity ... Annexus ... Athene Life & Annutiy ... Assurity ... Met Life ... Minnesota Life ... North American Company ... Protective Life ... Reliance Standard ... Nationwide

Robert (Bob) Berglund:  Licensed in Life/Annuity & Health Insurance in NJ & PA since 1992, and Montana (2015).  We can find the best solution for YOUR family because we are NOT "captive agents".  We specialize in SAFE Retirement Income Growth, with lifetime income guarantees you cannot outlive.  We also provide Index Universal Life insurance for "tax free" retirement, as well as Term Insurance.

Is your 401K or IRA working for you?  Who manages it?  Is your money safe? 

Roll over your 401K from your old job to your own IRA, without fees and tax deferred.

We specialize in helping YOU protect and provide for your loved ones:

  •     Risk Free Retirement Solutions with guarantees to protect your family.
  •     Guaranteed Lifetime Income you cannot outlive!
  •     Roll-over of 401k/IRA'sCannot lose your principal or interest earned!
  •     Cash value/tax-free retirement (Index Universal Life Insurance-IUL) 
  •     Term insurance (10, 15, 20, Year Terms).  Low AFFORDABLE rates.

Berglund Financial can help you create your own pension, with lifetime income you cannot outlive, and without the risk of losing any of it ... while preserving access to the funds.  There is no consultation fee or "out of pocket" charge to clients for commissions.

Formerly a Registered Representative at New York Life, Citigroup and Smith Barney, Robert has always followed the Fiduciary Responsibility to clients.

Robert J. Berglund

CEO and Founder

Licensed 25 years in NJ & PA, and MT since 2015. 

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